How To Fix Color & Poor Quality Print Issue In Epson Printer?

Earlier printers used to be a stranger thing in the house which was not used that often and it was considered to be rather a luxury gadget but not anymore. This device is no more the stranger thing but valuable asset and necessity for people in the house, be it the hardworking couple or the studious and creative child. In such a household, is it acceptable to find a printer which prints out poor quality of color or faded print? Well, No!

Epson Printer have set their reputation straight on offering the best quality colored print outs and when it fails to do so, it is a warning towards the negligence of the device. The reason behind poor quality or incorrect colors can be varied. The Epson Printer Support Canada first diagnoses the problem and then fixes the issue. To summarize, here is the list:

Change Color Settings

  • This feature will help you in taking care of all the detailed settings on the basis of current Media Type and Color settings. For this, you have to set the Automatic on Mode settings in the Main menu.

Remember: When Automatic is selected, depending on the selected media, a slider appears under Custom radio button which lets you choose the Quality, Speed or the middle level as per your priority.

  • You can manually set up the paper size and page layout settings. In case, your application does not show these settings, you can verify the settings on the Paper menu.

Adjust Color Settings Using Advanced Dialog Box

The Advanced dialog box will give you the complete control over your prints. After you are satisfied with your new settings, you can enlist it with a name and add it in the Custom Settings and use it further. To adjust color settings, you can:

  • Select Custom from the Main menu > Advanced. This will open the ‘Advanced dialog box’.
  • Choose the preferable Media Type setting.
  • Pick from Color or Black in Color setting.
  • Make changes in the specifics of the Print Quality setting.

Click OK and return to the Main menu. To return without applying your settings, click Cancel.

Head Cleaning Utility

  • If colors are still incorrect or missing, replace the color ink cartridge.
  • This is very important for the maintenance of your printing device. Run the Head Cleaning utility and it will solve most of the issues in your printer.

These are some of the most crucial steps to diagnose and troubleshoot quality and color issues in your printer. If the issue persists, you will have to consult to professionals. Get in touch with our service at Epson Printer Support Number +1-844-341-3111. The more you focus on the maintenance of your printing device, more it will last and offer you good prints.

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